Malacca’s Holiday Promo

malacca promo

Thinking of having a Malaysian dinner in Makati?

Malacca is offering 10 percent discount by just presenting the coupon from the photo above! This is probably one of the best Malaysian restaurants I’ve been to in Manila so it’s worth going 🙂

Feel free to spread the word!

Malacca Authentic Malaysian Cuisine in Makati

Chicken Satay at Malacca

Chicken Satay @ Php 250

Malaysian cuisine is very similar to Filipino cuisine except that the prior uses more spices in cooking. This is the reason why it’s not hard to appreciate Malaysian food because of the familiarity on the ingredients and even the way of cooking. There isn’t much Malaysian restaurants around Metro Manila but a good place to start your Malaysian food trip is in Malacca, a new Malaysian restaurant in Jupiter Street, Makati. Continue reading “Malacca Authentic Malaysian Cuisine in Makati”