Singapore Foodtripping 1: First Meal At the Lavender Food Court

Fishball Soup at Lavender Food Court

Fishball Soup @ SGD 2.50 (approximately PHP 80+)

Ahh, our first day in Singapore was exciting. We arrived at the hotel at around 10:30 am and had to wait before check in so we decided to have breakfast first at the nearby food court (or hawker center) in Lavender. This is just opposite our hotel in Singapore (Hotel 81 Elegance).

Fishball Mee Pok at Lavender Food Court

Fishball Soup and Mee Pok @ SGD 3.00 (approximately PHP 100+)

We decided to grab some fishball soup for each of us. Karla ordered the plain Fish Ball Soup while I ordered that one too but with Mee Pok (a type of Chinese noodle that is flat and yellow). Mee Pok is actually common in all food court or hawker centers in Singapore. My Mee Pok was mixed with chili oil and some chili powder.

Bandung at Lavender Food Court

Bandung drink @ SGD 1.70 (approximately PHP 50)

This was the beginning of my addiction to the Bandung drink. It’s milk mixed with rose cordial syrup, hence the pink in color. As you know dairy products are perfect in neutralizing your taste buds whenever you eat something spicy.  You can find Bandung in every beverage stall in Singapore.

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