Meal Delivery Service in the Philippines

Here in the Philippines, having a personal chef delivery service is not that popular yet, but in the US, it’s very common. Probably because we Filipinos have a notion that having a meal delivery service would compromise the health and nutrition of our family. Actually, most of the these home delivery meal services offer organic options that are not available in the local market. These kinds of services are for people who do not have time to cook for themselves or for their family and wanted to have a balanced full meal. Some of them would even offer meals that are included in a specific kinds of diet such as the South Beach Diet, High Protein and many others. This is a good way for you to eat healthy dishes even though you  are very busy. All you have to do is to just call and tell them what you want.

I know that some gyms collaborate with personal chefs because they can target the “fitness” buffs who frequent to the gym. To those who have tried this, can you tell me how was it? I wish  I can try this some time, the question is are they expensive and is the food delicious?

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