Krung Thai: A Hidden Thai Cuisine Getaway in Marikina

Thai Spring Rolls at Krung Thai

Thai Spring Rolls, 4pcs. at 99 Pesos

I didn’t realize that in the middle of Marikina City there would be a Thai restaurant that is as good (or better) as the Thai restaurants iin the posh areas of the metro. It’s just behind a public area (Marikina Public Market) and it’s not known to many.

During my birthday last Feb 28th, me and my fellow bloggers (Aileen, Melo, Gail, Marc, JayDJ, Karla and Migs) dined at this restaurant just to get together;seems that we’re a little stressed on the SM Marikina Wifi Stress Event. Nah, just kidding. Anyway, Aileen suggested that we eat here and so our gastronomic cravings headed up to this place.

Thai Iced Tea at Krung Thai

Thai Iced Tea @ 79 Pesos each

For my drink, I ordered their Thai Iced Tea. It’s really good, tastes like your normal Pearl Milk Tea.

Crabmeat Fried Rice at Krung Thai

Crabmeat Fried Rice @ 389 Pesos (large)

We’re hungry but we didn’t expect that it would be a real pig fest. I ordered Thai Spring Rolls as an appetizer for us while waiting for the others to come. (That’s already my birthday treat! 🙂 ) This is just like “Lumpiang Shanghai” but the only difference is that the stuffing has vermicelli (in other words, bihon). For our rice, we ordered Crabmeat Fried Rice. They have different sizes by the way for some dishes (especially for the rice). The fried rice we ordered was good for 4-5 people but actually, it can feed around 6-7 people. The good thing about this fried rice was that there were real crab meat not like the other crabmeat fried rice from other restaurants that use Kani (or crabsticks).

Seafood Tom Yum at Krung Thai

Seafood Tom Yum, 299 pesos (one large bowl)

We chose Tom Yum because it is one of the popular Thai dishes. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s like the Filipino dish “Sinigang”. It tastes sour yet spicy at the same time. The intensity of sourness and spicyness were just right. I think the one from Jatujak is too sour. Also, this has a big serving. It can feed around 4-5 individuals.

Pad Thai at Krung Thai

Pad Thai, 119 Pesos

We thought that the first 2 dishes won’t fill us up so we ordered another dish which is the Special Pad Thai. To our surprise, the first 2 dishes were literally already a pig fest and then with the Pad Thai added, it was really a struggle for us to finish everything. Anyway, Pad Thai is like the Filipino dish “Pancit Canton”. This dish can feed again more than 4 people. It tastes sweet and spicy at the same time, just the way I like it.

This is the ultimate place to bring your family because they have big servings and it’s not too spicy. It adapted the Filipino taste. Budget for this restaurant would be around Php 250 per person. You just have to come in early because it’s really small and the place gets filled up easily.

Krung Thai Restaurant
1 M Cruz Sta. Elena (back of the Marikina Public Market, beside Johnny’s Fried Chicken)
Tel. No: 6464041

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