Chilling Out at the Tower Lounge (One Tagaytay Place)

Tower Lounge - 3

As mentioned in other blog post related to One Tagaytay Place, we were two of the bloggers who were invited to experience staying in One Tagaytay Place recently. We’ve already featured the Mongolian Buffet and Afternoon High Tea in Azalea here in Foodtrippings. So aside from Azalea, One Tagaytay Place also has a resto-bar at the 4th floor, which is the Tower Lounge. The Tower Lounge has a very different ambiance compared to Azalea. The Tower Lounge is a place to chill out, listen to soothing acoustic music and eat delicious and tender steaks. The resto-bar is open to the public, even though you are not a checked-in guest in One Tagaytay Place.

Onion Soup at Tower Lounge

French Onion Soup

For starters, we had French Onion Soup and Chef’s Salad. The French Onion Soup was totally different from what I am used to (my mom’s cooking and from other restaurants I’ve been to). I believe that this was heavy on butter (which I love!) and seasoned with a lot of pepper. It was a bit spicy though but it tasted good! Their Chef’s Salad is filled with fresh vegetables, which Tagaytay is known for.

Chef's Salad at Tower Lounge

Chef’s Salad

The Salad was good, veggies were fresh. The dressing that we had were Thousand Island. Not very sour, just right.

Town Pizza at Tower Lounge

Tower Pizza @ Php 300

They also made us try their Tower Pizza. This is their version of Yellow Cab’s Dear Darla Pizza. The pizza has a nutty taste, somewhat like Satay. Dipping a piece of it in chili oil will give a different kick.

T-bone steak at Tower Lounge

T – Bone Steak @ Php 830

RIb eye steak at Tower Lounge

Rib – Eye Steak @ Php 1050

Since we are in Tagaytay, it is definitely a must to eat steaks. Tagaytay is known for the Batangas Beef so this was a great opportunity to have steaks! Karla ordered the T-Bone Steak while I had Rib Eye ( medium rare). Both our steaks were topped with Tequila Pepper Sauce which was really fantastic. Both of the steaks were very tender. Whenever you order any of their steak, in addition to the steaks I mentioned are Porterhouse and and Fillet Mignon, it already comes with free Salad, Side Dishes and Soup. For side dishes they have Potato Gratin, Mashed Potatoes and Baked Potato Salad. You can also choose other gravies if you feel that you don’t want the Tequila Pepper Sauce such as: Texas Treat, Tomato Basil and Pizzaiola.

Tempura Ice Cream at Tower Lounge

Tempura Ice Cream @ Php 95

We had 2 types of dessert. The Tempura Ice Cream reminded me of Street Life in Glorietta back in the 90’s. This was one of the desserts that our generation (ahem 🙂 ) look forward to in Street Life. Wonder how this was made? Well my theory is that the ice cream is wrapped inside a bread coated with bread crumbs so that when you look at it, it reminds you of the actual Tempura. This dessert was really good. It has a bit of a chocolate and a little bit of Strawberry syrup. Yum! This can be shared by 2 – 3 people.

Tiramisu at Tower Lounge

Tiramisu @ Php 130

According to the owners, their Tiramisu is one of their specialties. I must say that it tasted good but I feel that it lacked the solid part of the Tiramisu. The mixture of rhum and chocolate was exciting although it wasn’t chilled that much. Maybe they weren’t able to stock in their fridge.

Drink at Tower Lounge

Tower Lounge offers different cocktails and alcoholic drinks. They have pitcher cocktails which are good for sharing with friends. I had too many cocktails that night so I couldn’t remember which one is which!

Welcome Drink at Tower Lounge

Welcome Drink

If you’re a new guest at the Tower Lounge, they give the customer a welcome drink. Be sure to be ready because this one is deadly. Haha.

Tower Lounge in One Tagaytay Place

Barrio Sungay, Tagaytay City
(Take the route towards Picnic Grove and People’s Park in the Sky)

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