Battle Cough and Colds by Drinking Oishi Smart C +

Ever since December, we have been experiencing the not so usual cold weather that we Filipinos are used to. With this, a lot of people are getting cough and colds. Before the year ended, I already have the sniffles and had it for a week. I only went to the doctor after a week. Incidentally, Foodtrippings was asked to do a paid review of Oishi Smart C +, a juice drink high in Vitamin C. I needed a lot of Vitamin C, enough to prevent my colds from becoming worse. I think I was one of the people who spreaded the virus in the office – half of our employees are now coughing and sneezing. Oh yes, we have a cough symphony every now and then at the office. 😉

I’ve already heard of Oishi Smart C + but it’s only now that I’ve tasted it. For every 500 ml bottle of Smart C you consume, it already gives you 500 mg of Vitamin C (320% according to the label). That’s already enough to keep you on the go, especially those who have an active lifestyle. With my busy work schedule – doing Human Resources, blogging, going to gigs or concerts, spending time with loved ones, having a good dose of vitamin C will keep me on the go. I’d rather drink Smart C + than take tablets and capsules of Vitamin C being sold in drugstores.

By the way, Smart C + has three flavors: Lemon Squeeze, Orange Crush, and Pomelo Grapefruit. I expected the juices to be sour but actually they aren’t. My favorites are Lemon Squeeze and Pomelo Grapefruit. I usually avoid these two because of its sourness but I liked how Smart C made them. All of them are very refreshing and doesn’t leave that acetic taste in your tongue. The reason I don’t like citrus flavored juices that are being sold in the market that much is that it leaves that sour after taste in your palate. I’d rather drink chilled green tea. 🙂 Smart C + is far cry from the likes of Zest-O, Sun Glo or Jumbo Juices which tasted very artificial.  Aside from being high in Vitamin C, it doesn’t have preservatives, zero artificial flavoring, and zero artificial sweeteners.

I’m recommending you to have Smart C + if you want to have a fast recovery or prevention from coughs and colds. I was drinking this together with the prescribed medicines. I am now feeling much better and not weak anymore.

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