Basil Mojito

Simple Mojito

Mojito is my most favorite cocktail ever. It is a popular Cuban drink usually made of white rum, sugar cane, sparkling water and mint. What I like with Mojito is the combination of sweetness and citrus taste with a little kick of rum. It is very refreshing and a great way to enjoy it with your family and friends. I found a simple Mojito recipe in the Yummy Magazine December issue and decided to have this as our cocktail drink for our New Year’s celebration.

What you will be needing are fresh basil leaves, white rhum and white cola.

Then mash the fresh basil leaves so that the flavors will really come out. You can use a spoon to mash the leaves. Place it in a glass then pour in 45 mL of white rum and a splash of white cola. I used Bacardi and Sprite (it’s much sweeter). You can also squeeze a lemon wedge for more flavor.

This can serve only one person so if you will be drinking with a group, just multiply the amount of white rum and adjust the white cola and basil according to your preferred taste.


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