Must East Polish Street Food While in Krakow, Poland

Before I went to Krakow last August, I already researched some of the most important things to try while there and thanks to my Polish colleagues in HR, I was able to get to know more of what Polish cuisine has to offer. Here are some of the things I tried:


Kielbasa with fried potatoes and pierogi – around PLN 23.00, approx. PHP 325.00

1) Pierogi

I love dumplings because this is a kind of food that you can easily eat anywhere. Polish dumplings are called Pierogi and it is made of unleavened dough commonly stuffed with cheese, sauerkraut, spinach, mushrooms, etc. The dumplings are boiled first then deep fried with butter and onion. This is very much similar to Italy’s ravioli, Japan’s Gyoza, Korea’s Mandu and Chinese’s Jiaozi. One can find Pierogi anywhere in Poland. I had the first taste of Pierogi from a Polish restaurant called Chopin at the Old Town then I had another batch and had it as a side dish paired with my pork skewers (photo above). I am used to the Asian type of dumplings where the wrapper is thin while Pierogi’s have thicker dough.





Zapiekanka – around PLN 10.00- 12.00, approx. PHP 130 .00 – 170.00

2) Zapiekanka

This was the very first Polish food the moment I arrived in Krakow. Zapiekanka is just like pizza but instead of the circular in shape of the dough, it’s made of baguette. This is a very common Polish street food and can be found almost anywhere.




3) Kielbasa

As a sausage lover, I very much anticipated in eating Kielbasas in Krakow. Kielbasa means sausage in Polish and it comes in different varieties. I stayed in the Old Town, a touristy place, where there were different food and product stalls at the centre of the square. I would always pass by these Kielbasa stalls and see them grilling. Ohh, they’re a lovely thing to see (and smell!). I like to pair my Kielbasa with mustard, fried potatoes and mushrooms. My first photo above shows that except that I’ve decided to get a fried spinach pierogi.

If you’re a meat lover, you will also be interested to see other meat being grilled here: shish kebab, pork hock knuckles and steak.





Bagel – PLN 1.50, approx. PHP 23.00

4) Bagels

Bagels are typical breakfast street food which you can find in the streets in the morning and they go away after breakfast time. I discovered this stall outside our apartment while I was waiting for my cab to go to the office. The lady just sells bagels. One can choose from different topics such as poppy seeds, cheese, sesame seeds, etc. I chose the one with poppy seeds. It’s a bit chewy and you can walk while eating.

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