Giving Kebab Factory A Second Chance

Chicken Mast Kebab at Kebab Factory
Chicken Mast Kebab, 250 pesos per order (2 skewers)

As a food blogger, sometimes it’s good to return to a restaurant you’ve reviewed and try out the same dishes all over again just to test if they’re consistent with their cooking. The first time we were in Kebab Factory in 2008, they were still newly opened. The overall experience then was ok, but now there was a bit of an improvement. The difference of then and now is that we were invited through Smart Rewards.

The waiter gave us the liberty to order anything we wanted. We were given Php 2,000 worth of gift certificates to spend so we dragged our friend Juned. We needed another mouth to feed, rather than having only me and Karla to finish everything. The new ones that I haven’t tasted before was the Chicken Mast Kebab, Lamb Lahore Curry, Naan and Baklava. The rest like the Motabal, Beef Kebab, Hyderabad Chicken Biryani and Lassi, I have already tasted them during my first visit. Let me tell you about each of them below:

Mottabal at Kebab Factory - 2
Motabal, 120 pesos per order

Their Motabal is still one of the best I’ve tasted. This is a must order if you’re into eggplants. 🙂

Lassi at The Kebab Factory

Their Lassi tastes almost the same as what I’ve tasted in other Indian or Persian restaurants. Nothing really special but it tasted good.

Hyderabad Chicken Biryani at Kebab Factory
Hyderabad Chicken Biryani, 200 pesos per order

Their Hyderabad Chicken Biryani really tasted good. One order of this is good for 2 -3 people. The three of us really enjoyed this.

Beef Kebab at the Kebab Factory - 2
Beef Kebab, 225 pesos per order (2 skewers)

I wanted to give their Beef Kebab a second chance, hoping that there will be a difference from before. Unfortunately, it’s still the same. It tasted like a normal hamburger patty. Still not comparable to the other kebabs that I’ve tasted before. I couldn’t feel the distinction between a hamburger patty and a kebab with their kebab.

Lamb Lahore Curry at the Kebab Factory
Lamb Lahore Curry, 400 pesos per order

Setting aside the negativity from the Beef Kebab, the redeeming factor really is the Lamb Lahore Curry. This is definitely my favorite in Kebab Factory, as well as Karla and Juned. The lamb is very tender and it’s mildly spiced. You can request the waiter to increase the spicy level as you wish. Because the curry sauce was really good, we decided to order their Naan. I was looking for a Garlic Naan but they don’t have it in their menu.

Naan at the Kebab Factory
Naan, 50 pesos per order

Baklava at the Kebab Factory
Baklava, 150 pesos per order

Baklava is a popular dessert in the Mediterranean part of the world. I didn’t like their Baklava, it was hard. I expected it to be flaky like the ones I’ve tasted in Jacob’s Shawarma (still the best I’ve tasted so far). I’d recommend you to taste their other desserts like the ones below but not this one.

Mango Ice Cream at the Kebab Factory
Mango Ice Cream (Mango Kulfi), 150 pesos per order

Kebab Factory has uniquely flavored homemade ice creams. I say unique because it’s not available in your typical supermarket here in the Philippines. We ordered both of the flavors available: Mango and Rose. You may be wondering, ” how do roses taste like”? Both of the ice cream have a milky taste and the rose flavor becomes very distinct. It’s really hard to describe it but for me it tasted really good.

Rose Ice Cream at the Kebab Factory
Rose Ice Cream (Rose Kulfi), 150 pesos per order

Kebab Factory is this Smart Rewards’ Merchant of the Month. Smart Subscribers can get a free Haseena Kebab, a popular Indian dish made from ground chicken and cooked in the tandoor – a traditional cylindrical clay oven. This free dish may be claimed on top of the rewards coupon offer of free Chicken Mast Fries “Midnight Express” for every minimum purchase of P1,000 (text COUPON 425 to 9800). This Smart Rewards promo is available only until October 31, 2010 in both their branches in SM Megamall Atrium and at the Burgos Circle at the Fort, Taguig.

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