There’s A New Chihuahua in Town

Chihuahua Mexican Grill logo

No, you’re not lost. We’re still featuring food in this blog. 🙂 I’ve spotted a new Mexican inspired resto along Makati on my way home and go curious of it because of its name – chihuahua. What a cute name for a Mexican restaurant!

Menu at the Chihuahua Mexican Grill

The place was packed around 9:00 pm on a Friday night so we decided to have our food “to go”. Too bad that we can’t take a photo of the actual food being served. Anyway, we can still go back. 😀 Their menu is pretty straight forward like what you see in the photo above.

Preparing Burrito

Chicken Burrito of Chihuahua Mexican Grill

Chicken Burrito at PHP 295

I suggest getting the chicken because it’s not dry and tastes good. Karla and I shared the chicken burrito, which was almost 7 – 8  inches long and 2 – 3 inches in diameter. It’s not as big as the ones in Ristras and B & T’s which specializes in gigantic burritos. Actually, I appreciated that it’s not that too thick. If you’re going to ask me, if the burrito is too big, it just becomes like a slob of different ingredients. I’m definitely trying the steak burrito when I come back hopefully next week :D.

Nacho Grande of Chihuahua Mexican Grill

Nacho Grande at PHP 245

Aside from burrito, we ordered Nacho Grande – a delightful bowl of Mexican goodness! Pico de Gallo, Guacamole, Chili Con Carne, Sour Cream, Mexican Beans, Jalapeno galore!

They’re only on their second week so a lot of things can still be done. One suggestion would be is for their crew to interact with their customers, by asking them what they want on their burrito for example.

So this is only what I can share with you guys, too bad I couldn’t try their Chihuahuaritas (frozen Margaritas) and other alcoholic drinks because I am still recuperating. By the way, I was able to talk to one of their owners, Ines Cabarrus, and she said that they have a promo – buy one take one of burritos if you bring your chihuahua. Hmm, I am thinking of bringing my little Berns there some time :).

Berns in a Dress 13

Chihuahua Mexican Grill
7838 Makati Ave. (right across A.Venue)
Makati City
Tel. no. (632) 897 0087 0916-3737-308

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