First Taste of Turkish Shawarma at Jacob’s

Salmon Shawarma at Jacob's Shawarma

We Filipinos are already familiar with shawarma but most of us only know the Persian type of Shawarma. I have been reading (and hearing) a lot about this place in Ortigas called Jacob’s Shawarma which serves the best shawarma in town.

While we were there on a Wednesday night, we were able to catch the owner of the restaurant who is Jacob Cortes. He’s Turkish and has been in the Philippines for almost a year now. He’s not only the owner, he’s also the cook and is very “hands on” in his restaurant. We had a little chat while eating our Salmon Shawarma. I learned that he’s also a model (ladies and guys looking for men, he’s good looking!) which he does in between manegerial obligations.

Shawarma and Lemon at Jacob's Shawarma

Salmon Shawarma is served every Wednesdays. We learned from Jacob that he serves different kinds of meat everyday and that it changes every 7:00 am. So here’s the schedule:

Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays – Chicken (Php 120 pita / Php 125 wheat pita)
Tuesdays and Fridays – Beef (Php 200 pita / wheat pita)
Wednesdays – Salmon (Php 160 pita / Php 165 wheat pita)

Good thing that we came there on a Wednesday because I love salmon and it’s not a common thing here in Manila.

The salmon is fresh and it’s not overcooked. I can still taste the juiciness of the fish. The salsa-like fillings, made of onions, tomatoes and some herbs, complimented the salmon.  Jacob recommended that I pour some lemon juice before taking a bite and my oh my, it became more delicious! They serve it in a 12 inch lavas (bread in Turkish) which is not your typical pita bread that you usually see in Persian restaurants.

Baklava at Jacob's Shawarma

Baklava @ Php 50 per piece

And of course, the Turkish experience is incomplete without tasting Baklava. It is a popular pastry dessert in the Mediterranean regions which is made of layers of phyllo dough with nuts and sweet fillings in between the layers. I’ve tasted some baklavas here in the Philippines but this would be the best one I’ve ever tasted.

Inside Jacob's Shawarma

Jacob’s Shawarma has a very small dining place and has a very simple menu. If you can see on the tables, they have small trashcans there, which is very uncommon here in the Philippines. They also have yogurt drink and Turkish drink.

So if you’re craving for a different kind of shawarma, visit Jacob’s Shawarma. They’re open 24 hours and operates from Mondays – Saturdays.

Jacob’s Shawarma

115 AIC Grande Tower, Sapphire Road, Ortigas Center.
7065699 (for deliveries, 24 hours a day)

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