Malacca Authentic Malaysian Cuisine in Makati

Chicken Satay at Malacca

Chicken Satay @ Php 250

Malaysian cuisine is very similar to Filipino cuisine except that the prior uses more spices in cooking. This is the reason why it’s not hard to appreciate Malaysian food because of the familiarity on the ingredients and even the way of cooking. There isn’t much Malaysian restaurants around Metro Manila but a good place to start your Malaysian food trip is in Malacca, a new Malaysian restaurant in Jupiter Street, Makati. Mr. Michael Quah, one of the owners of this authentic restaurant, gladly welcomed our presence and showed us what authentic Malaysian cuisine is all about.

Malacca has been operating since December 2008 and managed by Malaysians living in the Philippines. Their cooks are also Malaysians that is why they really know what Malaysian food is all about. Ingredients that they use are imported from Malaysia so that authentic Malaysian taste can be achieved.

We started our Malaysian food journey with appetizers. The Chicken Satay is one of the most basic Malaysian dishes and believe me, it tastes good even without the peanut sauce. The meat is tender and not overcooked unlike the ones that I eat from Banana Leaf.

Barley Juice at Malacca

Barley Juice @ Php 60

I’ve never had Barley juice before (or maybe I have forgotten about it 😉 ) but this tastes good for me. It tastes a bit of coconut. A great way to compliment your Malaysian food trip.

Kropek with Shrimp Paste at Malacca
Kropek with Shrimp Paste

Another appetizer is Kropek with Shrimp Paste. It’s similar to the local “Bagoong” except that it’s a bit spicy. Mr. Quah said that they have 3 types of Shrimp Pastes: Mild, Medium and Spicy. Of course this is to cater to customers who may have low tolerance with spicy food.

Tofu Goreng at Malacca
Tofu Goreng @ Php 220

The main dishes that were prepared for us were the common and popular dishes in their restaurant. The Tofu Goreng is a good appetizer as well. It tastes nutty and the tofu was not overcooked. By the way, Goreng means fried.

Char Kwee Teow at Malacca
Char Kwee Teow @ Php 250 (hard) and Php 300 (fresh)

Another familiar dish is Char Kwee Teow. It’s like our local “Pansit Canton” except that it has bigger noodles than the latter. I love their Char Kwee Teow because it’s tasty and not oily. I am not sure if it’s alright if the noodles were shorter; I’m just used to having noodles longer 🙂 . The one that was served to us was fresh meaning the noodles were made upon order.

Hainanese Chicken at Malacca
Hainanese Chicken  @ Php 220

Sauce for Hainanese Chicken at Malacca

Sauce for the Hainanese Chicken

The way Hainanese chicken is prepared was shared by Mr. Quah. First, it’s steamed then blanched in cold water to stop cooking and keep the juice of the chicken. Malacca has one of the best Hainanese Chickens I have ever tasted here in Manila. The chicken is very tender and tasty on the inside. There are 3 sauces to dip the Hainanese Chicken: Soy Sauce, Chili Sauce and Ginger Sauce. If they’re not enough, you can ask your waiter for some more. Mr. Philip Ng, the owner of the restaurant, shared with us his Peking Chicken. If you are planning to order another chicken dish in this restaurant, Peking Chicken is a must try because of its tenderness and its flavor can be tasted up to the meat. We didn’t have a picture of that but it just looks like your normal fried chicken.

Sambal Kangkong at Malacca
Sambal Kangkong @ Php 180

Sambal Shrimp at Malacca
Sambal Shrimp @ Php 180

Sambal means chili paste. The 2 dishes above are Sambal Kangkong and Sambal Shrimp. These are simple dishes that are just right. Nothing really too fancy.

Fish Curry at Malacca
Fish Curry

Mr. Quah made us try their Fish Curry and believe me, this is the best Fish Curry I’ve ever tasted! There is a bit of a kick in the spicy level but it’s ok. I remembered that I have been eating curry that day (Chicken curry for breakfast and lunch) but having curry again for dinner is fine with me because it was the best.

Ice Kaccang at Malacca
Ice Kaccang @ Php 120

For our dessert, we tried their Ice Kaccang. Our Malaysian food trip isn’t complete without it. The dessert is made of crushed ice with Kaong, Black Gulaman and beans. Then light chocolate and strawberry sauces are poured on it. This is one of the best Ice Kaccang’s I’ve ever tasted. The good thing is that you can share this dessert.

Tea at Malacca
Teh Tarik @ Php 60 (hot or cold)

To digest our stomachs filled with delicious Malaysian food, we had a hot Teh Tarik. It’s made of 4 types of teas and can also be served cold. It tastes like milk tea.

Malacca has captured the authentic Malaysian taste that Filipinos and even Malaysians themselves can truly enjoy. They are open 11 am to 11 pm.

Malacca Authentic Malaysian Cuisine
Ground Floor, Jupiter Place, 136 Jupiter St., Makati
Telephone: +632 8993587, 8954282

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