Yoree Korean Barbeque Dining

Wagyu ribeye steak at Yoree - 2
Wagyu ribeye steak

Our friend Ria Bautista introduced to us one of the newest Korean restaurants in Bonifacio Global City. Upon learning that Yoree is a Korean Barbeque restaurant, we did not hesitate to accept her invitation to try the food at Yoree. Yoree is located in Forum BGC which is just a block away from The Fort Strip. Other Korean Barbeque Restaurants that are near to Yoree are Sariwon, and K-Pub BBQ.

We were able to try the Charcoal Grill Lunch Course A, Soju Cocktail, and Shaved Ice Snowflakes with adzuki (red beans).

Charcoal Grill Lunch Course A, Php 2,240

Appetizer at Yoree
Jellyfish salad and other appetizers

Rice porridge at Yoree
Thin rice Porridge

Wagyu ribeye steak at Yoree
Wagyu ribeye steak

Chicken Rib with BBQ Sauce (Boneless) at Yoree - 2
Chicken Rib with Barbeque Sauce (Boneless)

Beef Belly Slice at Yoree - 2
Beef Belly Slice

Lettuce, Mustard leaves, etc. at Yoree
Lettuce, Mustard Leaves, etc.

Condiments at Yoree
Condiments at Yoree

Shabu Style Stew with Noodles at Yoree
Shabu Style Stew with Noodles

The Charcoal Grill Lunch Course A is good for 3 to 4 persons and it consists of an appetizer set (thin rice porridge, jelly fish salad, unfermented kimchi, and pickled mushrooms), Wagyu Ribeye steak, Beef Belly Slice, Chicken Rib with barbeque sauce (boneless), Shabu Style Stew with noodles, and Stone Bowl Bibimbap (not shown in pictures). This set menu costs Php 2,240 and it’s a must try if it’s your first time in Yoree and if you are having a hard time choosing what to order. I think that the serving size is good for three people that have a huge appetite.

The charcoal that they use is imported from Korea because of the poor quality of the locally available charcoal.

Soju Cocktail Lemon at Yoree
Soju Cocktail Lemon (Pitcher), Php 550

A nice drink to pair with their barbeque is Soju Cocktail. Soju is an alcoholic distilled beverage. Yoree offers Soju Cocktail in Lemon or Grape flavor. You may also try Soju by the bottle. Yoree only sells Jinro soju (very popular Soju brand in Korea).

Yoree uses a unique pitcher where there is a separate container for the ice so that the when the ice melts, it will not mix with the Soju Cocktail. Plus, the entire pitcher is chilled.

Shaved Ice Snowflakes with Adzuki (Red Beans) at Yoree
Shaved Ice Snowflakes with adzuki (red beans), Php 170

For dessert, we tried the Shaved Ice Snowflakes with adzuki (red beans). They also offer Sik Hye (also available at Sariwon) but we were not able to try it. We shall try this next time for dessert. Ginseng Ice Cream and Black Sesame Ice cream is also available in Yoree.

Amongst the Korean barbeque restaurants that we have tried, in terms of quality and price range, Yoree and Sariwon are comparable. Like in Sariwon, they also grill the food for you. Yoree does not have refillable appetizer like in Sariwon though but I’m okay with it.

Forum, 7th Avenue Corner 25th Street ,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

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