Yabu: House of Katsu

Hire Tonkatsu Set at Yabu - 2
Hire Tonkatsu

When Sharlyne passed by Yabu, she suggested that we should try it for dinner. Since we really don’t usually go to SM Megamall, I guess it’s best to take a risk and to try something new. Upon arriving Yabu, the restaurant was full and we have to wait. I guess the food was that good huh? 🙂

Inside Yabu
Inside Yabu

We browsed over the menu and since we’re both going to try Yabu for the first time, we decided to have the must-orders as suggested in their menu. Sharlyne chose the Hire Tonkatsu Set while I chose the Chicken Katsu Curry Set so that there’s variation.

Hire Tonkatsu Set at Yabu - 1
Hire Tonkatsu Set (100g), 295 pesos

The Hire Tonkatsu Set (100g) includes a 100g pork tenderloin (without the fat), rice, miso soup, pickles, unlimited cabbage salad, and a bowl of fruits. Sharlyne prefer to choose this because Rosu (pork loin) has pork fat while Hire (pork tenderloin) is leaner.

Chicken Katsu Curry Set Meal at Yabu - 2
Chicken Katsu Curry Set, 295 pesos

Just like the Hire Tonkatsu Set, the Chicken Katsu Curry meal already includes rice, miso soup, pickles, unlimited cabbage salad and a bowl of fruits. You have the option to choose the how spicy should your meal be. I opted for the regular where it’s supposed to be a bit spicy.

Enjoying the Tonkatsu Set

Pouring the Tonkatsu Sauce at Yabu
Pouring the Tonkatsu sauce over the sesame seeds

When the Hire Tonkatsu Set was served, the waiter gave instructions to Sharlyne. The waiter asked her to grind the sesame seeds. Afterwards, the tonkatsu sauce must be poured over it. Then, mix the tonkatsu sauce with the sesame seeds and then start dipping it to enjoy. 🙂

Dipping the pork at Yabu
Dip it to enjoy

As for the unlimited cabbage salad, you may enjoy it with or without the sesame dressing.

So far, we’re very happy with our experience at Yabu. The pork tenderloin in the Tonkatsu set is soft and juicy and the same goes for the chicken in my Katsu Curry meal. I was expecting the curry sauce to be a bit spicy though. 😀 For the interior, I was delighted to see the comic panels inside the restaurant. And as for the service, we were satisfied with it even though they just opened on the 11th and even if the restaurant is still on a soft opening. Visiting SM Megamall just to eat at Yabu is worth it. 😉

Next time we should probably try the premium Kurobuta Tonkatsu set. The Kurobuta pork (Black Berkshire Pig) is said to be the “kobe beef” equivalent in pork.

If you think this is too pricey for you, then I guess you should try Crazy Katsu in Maginhawa St.. The experience, of course, is very much different. 😉

Yabu: House of Katsu
2nd floor SM Megamall Atrium

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