The Fanciest Chicken Inasal I’ve Tried is in Cafe Uma

Chicken Inasal at Cafe Uma 1

Cafe Uma’s Boneless Chicken Inasal at PHP 350+ per order

Masskara Festival in Bacolod is a very busy season for all restaurants and hotel owners who are based where the action is. While we were there last October, we went to Lacson Street where the Electric Masskara was happening. The street is closed and each and every restaurant was filled with people. It was already 10 pm and we haven’t eaten our dinner yet so out of desperation, Cafe Uma was the only restaurant without much people so we decided to have dinner there. When we looked at the menu, we already knew why the restaurant wasn’t filled with people, it’s because of their steep prices. I already knew that Cafe Uma has the same owners with Trattoria Uma, an Italian restaurant a few steps away from Cafe Uma. Because we are really so hungry, we didn’t care about the prices anymore. We were assured by the waiter that they their food is good.

The waiter suggested that we order their Chicken Inasal. We were doubtful at first because it costs around PHP 350+. I knew where to get affordable  and delicious Chicken Inasal in Bacolod so I thought that this was a rip-off. Anyway, we fell for it because we were damn hungry then we partnered it with a pasta dish.

The nicely presented  Boneless Grilled Chicken Breast Inasal arrived at our table. The breast fillet was topped with eggplant paste (like the Middle Eastern dip Mottabal). Underneath the chicken breast were grilled eggplant and tomato salad. In order to stick to the traditional style of serving Chicken Inasal, they paired it with achuete garlic rice. Typically Anato Oil is poured onto the rice.

I reached foodgasm on the very first spoonful of this dish. I could not believe that a traditional and yet simple Chicken Inasal can still be this fancy yet delicious.

Shrimp and Chorizo Pasta at Cafe Uma

Shrimp and Chorizo Pasta at PHP 400+

The Shrimp and Chorizo Pasta tasted wonderful as well. Most of their dishes are good for 2 people and we didn’t even finish this past dish so we have to bring this back to our hotel.

Cafe Uma is worth coming back for. Now we realized that their prices are not that steep because 2 or more people can share 1 dish plus they use quality ingredients. Their menu is interesting because they offer Asian and Western fusion cuisine. Just like the Chicken Inasal we had, it was very interesting. 😀


Cafe Uma
15th & Lacson Streets, Bacolod City
Negros Occidental, Philippines

Telephone No. (63) 34-7099966 Telefax No. (63) 34-4323853

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