Portuguese Foodtripping at O’sonho

Portuguese Chourico at O'sonho - 2
Portuguese Chourico (close up)

Suddenly craving for something new, Karla, my mom and I immediately rushed on a Saturday afternoon to try the dishes here in O’sonho located at the Eastwood Cybermall. As Portuguese cuisine is not that popular here in the Philippines, I think it’s about time that I try something new and interesting. The best thing is that this restaurant didn’t fail me as it pleased my palate even though I haven’t really tired Portuguese food (except for Peri-Peri Chicken). Well, appreciating food shouldn’t be limited to what you have already tasted before.

Portuguese Chourico at O'sonho - 1
Portuguese Chourico @ Php 260

For our appetizer, we ordered the Portuguese Chourico. This is the Portuguese sausage. The sausages were sauteed in organic oil with garlic, bell peppers and onions. It’s like the typical gambas but it’s made of sausage. I loved this appetizer because it has this peppery and garlic taste.

Peri-Peri Chicken at O'sonho
Peri-peri Chicken with Sweet Potatoes , 320 pesos

Of course, the Portuguese food trip will be incomplete if we don’t try the Peri-Peri Chicken. Since it’s just the 3 of use, we decided to just order the half deboned chicken. This is the best Peri-Peri chicken I’ve ever tasted (although there’s only a limited number of restaurants where you can eat this kind of chicken ;)). Peri-peri (or Piri-Piri/Pili pili) means chilly-chilly in Portuguese but this is a word that is used by the people of Mozambique and Angola to describe the African Bird’s Eye Chili. This is the Filipino version of Siling Labuyo. So the Peri-Peri chicken is marinated by this type of chili. The server usually ask the spiciness which the customer can take. We just ordered mild as we’re not that sure how to measure the “hotness” of their food. Osonho’s Peri-Peri Chicken is very tasty and tender. It’s best to pair it with their Peri-Peri sauce which has chopped chilis, oil and garlic.

For this one, you can have the option to have sweet potatoes instead of rice. Just inform your server what you prefer.

Seafood Paella at O'sonho
Seafood Paella, 460 pesos

Paella is a popular Spanish dish but due to its proximity and perhaps influence, Portugal also acquired this recipe. The Seafood Paella we ordered was good enough for 4-5 people. I appreciate the big shrimps and the hefty servings of squid.

Iced Tea at O'sonho
Fresh Iced Lemon Tea with a hint of peppermint @ Php 140

I loved their Iced Tea because it has a hint of peppermint. It gives an extra cool sensation when you eat. You can either have this solo or a pitcher which can be shared by 3 people.

Overall, the experience of dining in O’sonho is very exciting as this is a cuisine that we Filipinos are not used to. We may be familiar with some because of the Spanish influence in Filipino but it’s worth it to explore this cuisine. The familiar suddenly becomes the peculiar because of the fusion concept of O’sonho. I am definitely going back to this restaurant to try their other dishes and eat their Peri-Peri chicken again.

O’sonho Portuguese Fusion Restaurant

1880-5, 1880 Bldg., New Eastwood Mall,
Eastwood Cybermall, Bagumbayan
Quezon City
896-3289, 0917-812-7474 or 0922-870-7844.

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