Fish and Co.’s Platter Design Challenge

Malaysian-inspired fish and chips

Last Thursday, a platter design challenge was held at Fish and Co. Prior to the event, we were asked to send ingredients that we would like to use for the assigned theme. Malaysian-themed fish and chips was inspired and I had a hard time picking up which ingredients simply because of Malaysian recipes are quite similar to its neighboring countries.

Having sent the ingredients via email, we really didn’t know that we’re the ones who are going to shop for it in “Amazing Race” style. And off we go to the grocery to buy some ingredients from our list. We failed to find shallots in the grocery, and thus, we replaced it with onions. We’re the second group to arrive in the restaurant from the grocery.

It was quite a challenge mixing up and matching ingredients we came up with using the beansprouts as the bedding for the fish and chips. Lime was just sliced and placed on the sides. Red chili and sliced onions were placed on top of the fries. The rest of the ingredients were used as sidings. Another challenge we had from the ingredients that we bought from the grocery is being able to use the coconut milk powder. I got a cup of water from the kitchen and had the coconut milk powder mixed with it.

The group had fun of course even if we ended up as the last place amongst the four groups. 😀

Here are the creations from the various groups. 😀

Indian-inspired fish and chips

Indian-inspired Fish and Chips - 2

The group had so much effort put into this platter. As you can see in the photo, the red bell pepper was turned into a flower and the skin of the lemon was scraped and rolled it to form a spiral.

Geisha-inspired Fish and Chips

Geisha inspired fish and chips

The Geisha-inspired Fish and Chips is the 3rd place. You can easily notice the sushi wrapper was used to wrap the fish (to make it look like a dress). Broccoli was placed on top of the fish (this is the hair of the geisha I suppose). There were also Japanese-like characters though I’m not sure if they’re really Japanese characters. This one is creative but it’s something that I think that kids would appreciate more. 🙂

Philly Fish Steak

Philly Fish Steak - 2

Philly Fish Steak is the first place for the Fish and Co. Food Plating event. You’ll notice that there are a lot of cheese on top of the fish. In addition, their creation in unique because instead of using a plate or a pan, they used a basket. 😉

Fish Around the World Platter

Then, after the food plating they served us the “Fish Around the World Platter”. There were four pieces of fish fillet that has an Indian, a Malaysian, a Philadelphia and a Japanese flavor to each of them. The platter is served with steamed vegetables, chips and lemon wedge. The dip that was served with the platter is tartar sauce.

Indian and Malaysian flavored fish fillet is spicy though the Malaysian counterpart uses sambal sauce while the Indian counterpart uses the curry sauce. Philadelphia flavored fish fillet is sinful as it is filled with cream cheese and topped with lemon butter sauce. As for the Japanese flavored fish fillet, the strip is wrapped in nori strip and has a wasabi lemon butter sauce on the side.

I think that the serving size for the platter is good for up to four people max. Your Fish and Co. experience won’t be complete if you would not try their fish and chips. You can choose from their wide variety of fish and chips. It could go well with a pasta or a seafood paella. They have different desserts to choose from too. Something that has ice cream would be a great treat especially this summer. 😉

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