Tapas Filipinas Hermanos Deli Bar

Hermanos Deli Bar

Hermanos Deli Bar is a new deli bar situated at the Ortigas Home Depot Complex. The deli bar just opened last February and had a food tasting event with the bloggers. Basically, Hermanos offers pica-pica dishes for wine or beer drinking. What differentiates this deli bar from others is that they give a different approach on familiar Spanish and Filipino pica-pica dishes. So for example, instead of using the normal ‘tapas’ they would substitute it with Vigan Longanisa. They currently have 13 dishes under the Tapas de Kastinoy (uniquely Filipino with a Spanish Twist) and 12 Pica-Pica dishes. And because this is a bar, they offer alcoholic beverages such as red and white wines, local and imported beers and many more.

Bola-Bola Paella dela Guerra
Bola Bola Paella dela Guerra, 150 pesos per serving

The bola-bola (balls) are made of Paella Rice and partnered with Chili Tomato Sauce.

Pollo del Apolinario
Pollo del Apolinario, 200 pesos per serving

The picture above is chicken feet marinated with lemon grass paprika.

Calamari del Gobernadorcillo
Calamari del Gobernadorcillo, 250 pesos per serving

The dried calamari were already flaked. I liked this one because it’s crunchy.

Calamari del Supremo
Calamari del Supremo, 250 pesos per serving

This is one of my favorites. Their calamari can actually be eaten without the tartar sauce because it’s already tasty. Dipping it to the tartar sauce would give the calamari extra yumminess!

Boquirones ala Ibarra
Boquirones ala Ibarra, 250 pesos per serving

It is like your usual kinilaw (anything raw that is soaked in Vinegar; not cooked under fire) but the difference is that they used lemon balsamic olive oil. I usually don’t like kinilaw but I really liked this dish because I didn’t taste the sour taste of vinegar. I loved the freshness of the fish. They used filleted Twakang.

Tapang Usa de Katipunan
Tapang Usa de Katipunan, 250 pesos per serving

This is also one of the unique dishes that they have. Instead of tapa-ing beef, they used deer meat and was smoked until it became tender to eat. I also loved this dish.

Gambas de las Islas
Gambas de las Islas, 290 pesos per serving

I liked the way their shrimp Gambas was made, it has lots of garlic and oil. Yummy!

Karne de la Patria Adorada
Karne de la Patria Adorada, 290 pesos per serving

This is probably my favorite dish in Hermanos: sauteed beef tenderloin with finger pepper garlic universal sauce. The meat was very tender. Mmm..

Antipasto Bonifacio
Antipasto Bonifacio, 290 pesos per serving

This is their Antipasto platter which consists of mushrooms, olives, artichokes, cheese, etc. The best one on this platter would be the cheese soaked in Olive oil.

Red Wine at Hermanos Deli Bar
Glass of Red Wine

And of course our Hermanos experience wouldn’t be complete without having a glass of red wine. 🙂

We really had a great time there chatting with other fellow bloggers and also listening to the Eraserheads music in the background 😉 .

Unit 104 Bldg C Ortigas Home Depot Complex
Doña Julia Vargas Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig city
Tel. 706 4978

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