Rodic’s Diner at Salcedo St.

Tapsilog at Rodic's

The first time that I had a Rodic’s tapsilog was during this year’s UP fair. After that, my next Rodic’s experienced was just yesterday evening and it was in Makati. I haven’t walked along Salcedo St. to check if there’s any interesting place to eat. Thanks to Juned for setting our meeting there for the Philippine Blog Awards documentation. 😀

Rodic's Salcedo

I was amused seeing an artwork on its wall which clearly illustrates the UP Diliman campus. I’m not very much familiar with the other buildings but I’ve been to some of those buildings that were illustrated.

Rodic’s diner serves tapsilog the way you would not expect it especially if you’re a first timer there. It’s more like of corned beef hash in form but it does not taste like the way we cook corned beef. 😉 An order of tapsilog will cost you 65 pesos.

Fedman Bldg., Salcedo St., Legaspi Village

Phone Number: 759-2875

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