Nomming at Nomnomnom!

Malinomnom at Nomnomnom!
Malinomnom, 195 pesos per order

Entering inside Nomnomnom! instantly gave us that “homey” feel. It’s something that one would usually look for in a restaurant. Nomnomnom! is for those who have an adventurous taste and gives you a different experience for each familiar dish. We tried their Malinomnom and Fried Ravioli.

Malinomnom is a pizza log topped with Tinapa flakes, kesong puti, red eggs and onions. Obviously, Malinomnom is not the typical pizza that you will get to see in your favorite pizza fastfood chain. For first-timers at Nomnomnom!, I’m highly recommending this.

Fried Ravioli at Nomnomnom!
Fried Ravioli, 80 pesos (6 pcs.) and 150 pesos (12 pcs.)

A serving of Fried Ravioli consists of Crispy pasta pockets filled with spinach and mushroom. You can either order for a 6-piece fried ravioli, or a 12-piece fried ravioli. It is served with a salsa, the dip for the ravioli. Each ravioli has a generous amount of filling. I hope they would add more fillings to choose from for their fried ravioli.

Unit 2, Lower Ground Floor
GYY Building
1 Tomas Morato cor. E. Rodriguez Sts., Quezon City
Open from: Tuesday to Sunday, 12 noon to 12 midnight

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