Manokan Country: The Inasal Mecca of Bacolod

Outside Manokan Country

It was our first trip to Bacolod and it won’t be complete without eating Chicken Inasal at Manokan Country. Manokan Country is like a food district that specializes in Chicken Inasal. Thus, all of the restaurants there offer Chicken Inasal. Eric of Byahilo recommended us to try either Aida’s or Nene’s.

Aida's (Manokan Country)
Inside Aida’s

We ended up choosing Aida’s because we weren’t sure which Nene’s to go to since there are a lot of them there (unless all of them are owned by the same Nene). As seen in the above picture, the restaurant is not fancy (carinderia-like atmosphere).

Condiments at Aida's (Manokan Country)
Chicken Oil (Inato), vinegar, soy sauce

We had Pechopak (breast and wing) and rice for dinner. They also have other food to offer but we opted to just have the chicken. 😀 The chicken is juicy and well cooked. It actualy surprised me that their chicken tastes differently from the chicken inasal restaurants here in Manila. The Chicken Inasal closest to the one we had in Aida’s is JT’s Inasal.

Pechopak at Aida's (Manokan Country)

The proper way of eating Chicken Inasal is by pouring a little amount of Inato Oil on the rice. Dip the chicken onto the mixture of typical Filipino condiments such as soy sauce, vinegar, calamansi (Philippine Lemon) and some chopped chilli. The locals there just use their bare hands in eating. You have to ask the servers there to provide you eating utensils if you’re uncomfortable in eating with your hands.

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