Experience Malolos Heritage Cuisine at Ilustrado

Inside Ilustrado
Inside Ilustrado

Ilustrado is a Filipino/Spanish restaurant located in the heart of Intramuros. I went there for the launching of the Malolos Heritage Cuisine, which they are currently offering and it will run until June 30, 2012 only. The Malolos Heritage Cuisine offering is an outcome of the partnership of Ilustrado with Dez Bautista, an artist, historian and culinary expert from Malolos, Bulacan. Dez Bautista belongs to the well-known Bautista clan who owns the Bautista ancestral house in Malolos.

Pata Malolena (Humba) at Ilustrado
Pata Malolena (Humba), PhP 795

Amongst the dishes served in the buffet table, it was the Humba that caught my attention. A feast is not a feast without serving pork. 😉 The Pata Malolena was soft and juicy and not so sweet.

Malolos Chowder at Ilustrado
Malolos Chowder

Another must-try is the Malolos Chowder. The Malolos Chowder (seafood chowder) is a traditional dish in Bulacan. The soup base is creamy but it’s texture is not thick.

Apahap de Paterno (Apahap Royale) at Ilustrado
Apahap de Paterno (Apahap Royale), PhP 850

Apahap de Paterno is a favorite of Pedro Paterno (president of the Malolos Congress). Apahap de Paterno is steamed fish topped with vegetables.

Hamonadong Sugpo at Ilustrado
Hamonadong Sugpo, PhP 420

Tickle your tastebuds with Hamonadong Sugpo. What I love about this is that you do not have to remove its shell. 😀

Bringheng Malolos at Ilustrado
Bringheng Malolos

The Bringhe is a version of Arroz Valenciana. The difference is that in cooking Bringhe, coconut milk and chicken liver is being used.

Merienda de Prayle (Kesong Puti at Kinilaw na Bangus) at Ilustrado
Merienda de Prayle (Kesong Puti at Kinilaw na Bangus), PhP 320

The first time I appreciated Kilawin was when I went to Cebu several years ago. This time, I never thought eating Kilawin with Kesong Puti would be a really good combination. If you like experimenting, this is a must try.

Lumpiang Kastila at Ilustrado
Lumpiang Kastila, PhP 210

Amongst the appetizers served. This is my favorite! It’s a roll consisting of mixed meat and vegetables. I can eat this even without the sauce.

Morcon Plaridel at Ilustrado
Morcon Plaridel, PhP 550

My mother’s family came from Bulacan and Morcon is always served during our Christmas family reunion. Beef Morcon is a beef roll that is stuffed with hard-boiled eggs, cheese, carrots, and sausages.

Malolos' Pride (Dayap with Pastillas) at Ilustrado
Malolos’ Pride (Dayap with Pastillas), PhP 195

Bulacan is also known for pastillas. Every time we go to Bulacan, we would bring home a couple of boxes of Pastillas with us and we would eat it on our way home.

Senorita Guava at Ilustrado
Senorita Guava, PhP 175

Senorita Guava is a one of a kind dessert that you should try. Each guava is caramelized and served with Carabao’s milk. How do you eat it? Drink the milk and eat the guava 😉 .

Loretto's Lecha Flan con Manga at Ilustrado
Loretto’s Lecha Flan con Manga, PhP 140

This is a staple dessert whenever we go to Bulacan for family reunions. This time, Ilustrado gives this dessert a twist by adding mangoes.

Ilustrado Restaurant
Hours open: Monday-Saturday (11:30am to 2:30pm, and 6:00pm to 10:00pm)

Kuatro Kantos Bar and Café
Hours open: Daily (8:00am to 6:00pm)

744 General Luna st. Intramuros, Manila.

Telephone: (+632) 5272345 / (+632) 527 3674
Mobile no.: +63922 823 4981-83
Email: reservations@ilustradorestaurant.com.ph.

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