Lunch at Mahatao, Batanes

Fried Idek
Fried Idek

It was during lunch on our first day that we get to experience authentic Ivatan food. We were brought by the multi-cab driver we hired to Monica Fadullo’s cottage in Mahato, Batanes. It was certainly a great food trip experience there especially that we have a good view of the beach on top of the cottage. With the food served to us, 150 pesos per head is indeed worth it. 🙂

As Melo said in his blog, Idek is the most expensive fish there. It’s delicious and you should try it. 🙂

Ivatan Pork Lonyes (Crispy fried pork)
Ivatan Pork Lonyes (Crispy Fried Pork)

Ivatan is like pork adobo but it’s cooked dry and it’s crispy. It’s a must try for those who doesn’t have high blood 😀

Ivatan Laoya Baka (Nilagang Baka in Tagalog)
Ivatan Laoya Baka (Nilagang Baka)

Ivatan Laoya Baka is their version of Nilagang Baka. The soup tastes good but the beef would require you to have awesome beef slicing skills using your fork and spoon. I guess they didn’t have much time to boil the beef so that it would become tender.

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