Herencia Cafe – Home of the Pinakbet Pizza

Pinakbet Pizza at Herencia Cafe - 1
Pinakbet Pizza with Paoay Church at the background

Herencia Cafe is a culinary treasure located just in front of the picturesque Paoay Church. Taking a bite of their sumptuous Pinakbet Pizza while enjoying a beautiful view of the church from the cafe should be included in your list of things to do while in Paoay, Ilocos Norte.

Outside Herencia Cafe
Outside Herencia Cafe

At Herencia Cafe, you have the option to dine inside the restaurant or you may also enjoy al fresco dining. Al fresco dining is okay if you will be there late in the afternoon since the area is not covered.

Inside Herencia Cafe
Inside Herencia Cafe

Once you enter the restaurant, it would give you that homey feel. Seeing that piano brings back the good old memories at our grandmother’s house in Manila.

Pinakbet Pizza at Herencia Cafe - 2
Pinakbet Pizza, 330 pesos (1 whole)

Every first-timer at Herencia Cafe must try their Pinakbet Pizza. Herencia Cafe is the first one to serve this dish. And the genius behind this dish is Sammy Blas, one of the co-owners of Herencia Cafe.

If you are used to drizzling your pizza with hot sauce, the best way to enjoy the Pinakbet Pizza is to drizzle it with bagoong. Their pizza may be shared by three to four people. Anyway, we weren’t able to finish the whole pizza since it’s just the two of us, thus, we brought the leftover pizza to our hotel in Laoag. Surprisingly, it’s still good even if it’s already cold. 😀

Pasta Ilocana at Herencia Cafe
Pasta Ilocana, 85 pesos

We thought that a pasta would go well with the pizza. Thus, we ordered the Pasta Ilocana. Pasta Ilocana consists of spaghetti noodles with tomato sauce topped with bits of longganisa and cheese. It is also served with a slice of bread spread with butter. Herencia Cafe’s Pasta Ilocana is good for one person. Their Pasta Ilocana is a bit salty for our taste.

If ever you are planning a trip to Ilocos Norte, make sure to go to Paoay Church and have your lunch or snacks there. 🙂

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