First Taste of Crocodile and Ostrich at the Riverwalk Grill Davao

Riverwalk Grill in Davao

I’ve never realized that my first time in Davao would allow me to try out ostrich and crocodile meat for the first time too. After watching the fantastic cultural show at the Tribu K’ Mindanawan Cultural Village, we headed to the Riverwalk Grill which is just right beside it.


Imbao Soup
Imbao Soup @Php 120

Imbao Soup (or Halaan Soup) was served first. Imbao is the local name for Halaan (or Clams) in Davao. These are usually female shells and have a sweeter taste compared to the common Manila Clams. They are also chewy because of its size. The Imbao was boiled with broth. The broth was seasoned with salt and pepper to taste and some onions and ginger were also added to add flavor and remove the seafood taste.

Crocodile Sisig

Crocodile Sisig @Php 390

And now here comes the crocodile dishes – Crocodile Sisig and Spicy Crocodile. The Crocodile Sisig was very good, it tasted like chicken. Some sources say that crocodile meat tastes neutral (may be pork or chicken) and does not have a distinct texture. Many say that it has a fishy taste but it didn’t. It must be dependent on the one preparing the crocodile meat. The Spicy Crocodile has bigger chunks of crocodile meat. By the way, in Riverwalk Grill, there are different ways the crocodile meat is cooked. Choices are caldereta (stewed in tomato sauce), roasted, kare-kare (stewed in peanut sauce) or grilled.  Just an FYI, crocodile meat is white meat and is a popular delicacy in Australia. Crocodile meat is low in calorie and is good for prevention of asthma and hypertension.

Croco Spicy

Spicy Crocodile @ Php390

Ostrich Omelette
Ostrich Omelet @Php 500 per plate

After the crocodiles, now it’s time to taste two dishes made of ostrich: Ostrich Omelet and Ostrich Steak. In its egg form, it contains 2000 calories but if you’d take it in its meat form, it has the lowest fat content among all red meats. Photo above shows how many omelets can be cooked from just 1 ostrich egg. It can already feed 6 – 10 people! The omelet just tastes like the normal chicken egg omelet. The only difference is that it’s enormous compared to a chicken egg. Did you know that the ostrich egg shell can be sold at Php1000 each? These are usually being used as lamps and other decorative items. 

Ostrich Steak
Ostrich Steak @ Php390

On the other hand, the Ostrich Steak was served on a sizzling plate and drizzled with gravy. It tastes like your typical beef tenderloin steak. The meat is very tender and does not have an after taste like lamb.

Other dishes that were served to us that weren’t really exotic are:

Thai Mango Salad

Thai Mango Salad @Php90

Chicken Barbeque

Chicken Barbeque @Php66

Beef Caldereta

Beef Caldereta @ Php216

Durian Shake

Durian Shake @Php 55

Since I am in Davao, I ordered their Durian Shake to gulp down all these delicious food. 🙂 It was superb!


Lots of Mango Float


For dessert, we had Mango Float (which was the Graham Cracker Refrigerator Cake).

In general, the prices are quite expensive than the typical Filipino restaurant. Price ranges from 300 – 500 per meal. If you are going to order the exotic dishes like the ones above, be prepared to shell out more money. The place is also not accessible if you do not have private car or rented car. If you will ride the taxi, it’s better to have the taxi driver come back for you.

Riverwalk Exotic Resto Grill

Davao Crocodile Park Complex, Diversion Highway, Ma-a, Davao
Riverwalk Grill Official Website
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* This is part of the Davao Extreme Familiarization Tour sponsored by AirPhil Express last May 7 – 9, 2011.

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