Dining at Kawayan Cove


Two weeks ago, I was able to join the other bloggers at Kawayan Cove where we were invited to a tour around their seaside residential property. They’ve prepared lunch for us at the Bamboo Beach where the restaurant has a good view of the beach.

Fruit Juice
Fruit juice

Aside from the restaurant itself, they have a bar with fresh fruits and cool fruit juice. This should be great part of the beach to hang out to quench one’s thirst.

Cooking our Lunch
Cooking our lunch

Between the restaurant and the bar is the grilling area which is strategically positioned. Those who would like to stay at the restaurant or the bar would be able to enjoy the grilled treats especially the shrimp kebab and the grilled squid.

Chicken Barbeque
Chicken Barbeque

Specialty of Bamboo Beach restaurant
Ginataang Kangkong

Shrimp Skewer
Shrimp Skewer

Aside from lechon, ginataang kangkong (their specialty), Chicken Barbeque and shrimp skewers, they served grilled squid, atchara, salted egg with tomatoes, green mango strips and bagoong, grilled fish and a lot more! That was indeed a hearty lunch. 🙂

You could check out more photos of Kawayan Cove in my Flickr account. 🙂

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