DFAT 2012 Day 2: My Three Favorite Dishes at Fiesta Sorpresa


Day 2 of DFAT’s theme is Fiesta because of the restaurants we visited on that day both had the word Fiesta on their titles.

We started our second day with disappointment, each Taps (my favorite breakfast place in Davao) that we went to were closed so we ended up in Mcdonald’s at Matina Square. So left with no choice, I ordered my typical Mcdo breakfast: Sausage Mcmuffin Meal with hash brown and Iced Coffee. After breakfast we left Davao City and headed to Davao del Sur. We were scheduled to have our lunch at Fiesta Sorpresa at Digos City.

Inside Fiesta Sorpresa

It took us more than an hour to reach  Fiesta Sorpresa and guess what, we’re already hungry! The restaurant is situated at the main road (Rizal Avenue) in Digos City. It wouldn’t be hard to miss this restaurant because of the colorful sign which you can easily see. If coming from Davao City, it’s at the left side of the road. The restaurant is also big so it would be impossible to miss this. It is not air conditioned but it’s equipped with lots of electric fans.

Bagnet at Fiesta Sorpresa

Binagoongang Bagnet (PHP 120 per order)

As the name implies, Fiesta Sorpresa offers typical Filipino dishes that will surely surprise you. Most of the dishes that I tried were really good. Let me tell you my three favorite dishes.

I am a Bagnet lover. It is an Ilocos specialty wherein pork is cooked twice so that every bite will have that crispy goodness. Fiesta Sorpresa has their version of Bagnet by pouring Bagoong (shrimp paste) to make it more savory. The shrimp paste they used was the “pink bagoong”. Not sure if this was homemade or bought from their supplier. It was my first time to taste “pink bagoong” (shrimp paste with angkak) and it was really salty. I love it! A taste of Ilocos in Digos! Nice tagline! 😀

Chicken Wings at Fiesta Sorpresa

Sweet Spicy Chicken Wings (PHP 85 per order)

Another favorite dish of mine was the chicken wings. I liked it because (1) the chicken they used were large ones and not the typical small wings that you usually get from fast food restaurants (which are really disappointing) and (2) the marinade really seeped into the white meat which made it tastier. This is actually better than Bonchon or Manang’s Chicken.


Sizzling Squid at Fiesta Sorpresa

Sizzling Stuffed Squid (@ PHP 165)

Lastly, I liked their Sizzling Stuffed Squid. The squid was cooked just right. I liked the sweet sauce that sizzled on the sizzling plate.

We were also served with Rellenong Bangus, Sinampalukang Manok and Fresh Lumpia.

I took photos of their menu so feel free to scan what other dishes they offer. Their prices are really cheap so it is possible to dine here with only a PHP 100 budget.

Fiesta Sorpresa Menu 1

Fiesta Sorpresa 2

If you’re heading to Davao del Sur to explore Kapatagan Valley, Tibolo Village or Agong Houe, etc, please drop by Fiesta Sorpresa for lunch or dinner.

Fiesta Sorpresa
Rizal Avenue, Barangay San Jose, 8002 Digos, Philippines
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/FiestaSorpresaDigos
Business hours:
10:30 am – 2:00 pm (lunch)
5:30 pm – 9:00 pm (dinner)

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