Danggit Bai! Danggit Buy!

Different Varieties of Dried Seafood in Taboan Market

Bai, do you know where to buy your danggit in Cebu? The best place to get them is at the Tabo-an Market because it’s cheaper to buy there rather than buying at the airport or groceries. I went there with my mom last March to buy some danggit and other pasalubong for our friends here in Manila. Didn’t bother to take a bath anymore before going there because we expected that we’ll smell like dried fish when we leave the market.Hehe.

Outside Taboan Dried Fish Market

I was amazed with the different kinds of dried fish there. Our tour guide recommended us that we go to Nino and Khristy’s because they’re one of the best ones and they seal the dried fish in plastics (to check-in). They even got a Facebook page! They’ve got to kinds of Danggit – salted and unsalted. We bought 1/2 kilo of each. One kilo of danggit ranges from PHP 450 – 480, of course it depends if it’s unsalted, deboned or not. When I saw a store at the airport selling danggit, I checked the price and they’re selling it for PHP280 for 1/2 kilo! They also sell other Cebu pasalubong items such as dried mangoes, mangorind, etc.

Interesting Fact: Did you know that Danggit is Rabbit Fish? This is usually fried and eaten from head to its tail. It tastes even better if you dip it in vinegar and pair it with garlic rice and egg. A perfect breakfast meal!

How to go to Taboan:

Ride any jeepney which goes to Carbon (Guadalupe 06A and Lahug 04D) then tell the driver to drop you off near Taboan Market. You would have to walk a block or 2 blocks away from where the jeepney driver will drop you off. It’s safer to ride the jeepney during day time.

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