Cebu foodtripping #2: Zubuchon

If you were able to watch Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations episode on the Philippines, chances are, you may have heard of Zubuchon. Zubuchon is not your typical lechon with smooth skin. I think the skin is pricked while it’s being cooked.

I love that the skin of the lechon (roasted pig) is crunchy and the fact that I don’t need a lechon sauce to eat it. The meat is juicy and tender.

According to Marketman, they don’t use MSG, they don’t paint the skin of the pig with soy sauce, they don’t use blowtorches and they don’t use very large pigs.

Sunday Market in the Lobby
Sunday, 10am-1pm
Zubuchon at PHP385/kilo

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