Taps: Davao’s Breakfast Capital

Tapsilog at Taps

Taps is said to be Davao’s breakfast capital. Because of its popularity amongst the locals and because me and Sha love breakfasts, we decided to have breakfast at Taps at a branch near the People’s Park (along Palma Gil St.) so that we could also take pictures there.

They have a variety of “silog” dishes. “Silog” dishes consist of a main viand, a fried egg and sinangang (garlic friend rice). I ordered for a Tapsilog (US beef tapa, fried rice and fried egg) while Sha ordered a Lekasilog (Lechon kawali, fried rice and fried egg). I enjoyed eating the tapsilog with white vinegar and red chilli. 🙂 Compared to Rodic’s corned beef Tapa and Rufo’s wherein the Tapa has gravy, Taps is the typical Tapsilog that I know – the meat is fried until well cooked.

Lekasilog at Taps


According to Sha, the Lechon Kawali is crispy. However, with regards to its taste, there’s nothing really special about it.

Davao locals enjoy dining in Taps because most of them are open 24/7 and serves all day Silogs. The prices are very affordable too, ranging from PHP 80 – 120 per meal.

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