Sumo Remix

I believe everyone’s familiar with Tokyo Tokyo, a Japanese fastfood chain. Tokyo Tokyo is famous with their Sumo Meals, their promo meal in which 2 people could share a meal for an affordable price of Php 129.00. They now added another variation of the Sumo meal which is the Sumo Remix meal. Instead of 1 viand+ vegetable stir fry+2 bottomless rice+ 2 red iced teas, they now have 2 viands for this ( of course the vegetable stir fry, bottomless rice and 2 red iced teas are still included) one and of course the red iced tea is still present. Sumo Remix is priced at Php 179.00 and 199.00. We tried the one that was priced at Php 179.00, this includes beef misono and shrimp and vegetable tempura as the viands.

If you’re with someone and on tight budget and would like to have some basic Japanese food, try ordering the Sumo Remix Meal and you’ll surely get your stomach full.

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