Puerto Princesa Food Trip Series #1: Bona’s Chao Long

Chao Long at Bona's Chao Long

Beef Stew with Noodles @ Php 45

You will most likely wonder why you should try out Chao Long (Vietnamese dish) when you’re is in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. In addition, you will also think why there are a lot of eateries in Puerto Princesa that are offering Chao Long. History tells us that there were Vietnamese who became refugees here in the Philippines. This was the main reason why there are a lot of eateries offering Chao Long. 🙂

In Puerto Princesa, the Chao Long there is very much different from the one peddled in the streets of Vietnam. In Vietnam, Chao Long is known as rice porridge with innards. In Puerto Princesa, Chao Long is served with rice noodles and meat in a tasty broth that is sweet. You can also spice it up by adding the spice condiments in your table. It is also served with bean sprouts, mint and basil on a separate plate. These ingredients are to be mixed with the soup.

Garlic Bread at Bona's Chao Long

Garlic Bread @ Php 20 per order

After smelling the aroma of the garlic french bread at Bona’s, we decided to order some and pair it with our Chao Long.

Bona's Chao Long in Puerto Princesa

Bona’s is a popular place to go for the locals of Puerto Princesa. It’s just a simple hole in the wall place where you can enjoy cheap, good food. How to go there? Just ask your friendly tricycle driver to bring you to Bona’s and they already know where it is (it’s in Manalo Extension).

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