Let’s go Korean with Korean Bbq Express’ Bibimbap

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Korean Express is a fast food restaurant. It has a branch in Glorietta 4 Food Choices and I’m not sure if there are other existing branches. First, what is Bibimbap. Bibimbap is a popular Korean dish that is served in a bowl of warm rice topped with sauteed and seasoned vegetables, beef, sunny side up egg and chilli pepper paste (gochujang). Anyway, the picture above is not exactly what Korean Express is offering.

A Complete Meal
Bibimbap is certainly a complete meal supplying you with protein, carbohydrates and other nutrients. It is not recommended though to eat this more than once a day because of the egg.

The Korean Tapsilog
This is like the Korean version of Tapsilog. The only difference is that there’s no sauteed vegetables being served and does not come with the chilli paste. In addition, the beef is not served the way tapsilog is served. It is served like tenderloin tips.

Budget for this should be at around 100 pesos (including the drinks).

Of course, the ambiance is a so-so considering that Food Choices during dinner time is really noisy.

Customer Service
I commend Korean Express for a fast response time and for not making us wait long. 😀

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