KFC’s Zinger Double Down FTW!

Zinger Double Down

I knew that there was a KFC delivery before hand because we were contacted by KFC’s PR however I didn’t have much clue on what they will let us try. October 27th came and already saw some tweets from my fellow food bloggers about KFC. I didn’t read them so that the “element” of surprise will still be there. Ok so lunchtime, October 28th. The receptionist in our office called me and told me that I have a KFC delivery. I stepped out of my office and saw a fireman standing by the hallway before the reception area. I pointed to him and said, “Oh, here’s the KFC delivery guy.” He didn’t react, probably pretending that he didn’t hear me. Then I immediately proceeded to the reception area where I met the KFC PR. Suddenly, the fireman came running to me with his KFC delivery bag and took out the Zinger Double Down using a tong. All I could say is awesome!!! 

I love Zinger and now that it has turned into a Double Down, it’s really really awesome! Just like the regular Double Down, it comprises of two fillets of Zinger with cheese, bacon and mayonnaise in between. Oh yes, it is a deadly, deadly combination but it sure will satisfy your savory cravings. Every bite is full of awesomeness! Warning, do not consume often as it may cause health problems :).

Anyway, you will not get tired of eating Zinger Double Down (known to Filipinos as “umay”) unlike the Double Down. One order of which can be shared by 2 people. Since it’s Zinger, it is expected to be a bit spicy.

The cost of Zinger Double Down is PHP 120 and is now available in all KFC stores in the country.

I was still surprised after all even though I saw the fireman before talking to the PR :D.

* Thank you KFC for the delivery! 🙂

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