Jumbo Japs


While we were in Gateway, we’ve decided to try out Jumbo Japs, a fastfood Japanese restaurant. Well actually it isn’t my first time, I just made Karla try out their menu. The only Jumbo Japs branch I go to is in Gateway Mall, Cubao since it’s the nearest to my location. One can say that this can be a competitor of Tokyo Tokyo but this is a little different from them.

Crunchy Kani

They also have the set meal for 2, however they don’t offer unlimited rice. Their rice is Kamameshi rice, as what you can see in the picture above. Then you have the choice of viand which are: Tempura, Beef Teriyaki, Tonkatsu and Spicy Squid. The price ranges from 159.00-189.00. It also comes with 2 iced teas so you don’t need to have an additional order of drinks ( well unless you’re really thirsty).

We ordered the Beef Teriyaki with Kamameshi that was 159.00 and we had an additional half order of Crunchy Kani (40 bucks). So for just 200 bucks ( actually the exact amount is 199.00 😉 ), we were able to enjoy Japanese fastfood. How cheap! 😉 The good thing about Jumbo Japs is that they also have Salmon sushi/sashimi selections. I’ve tried their Salmon and Cream Cheese Sushi before, it’s really good ( price is 91.00, for about 8 pieces I think…).

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