Japanese food tripping in St. Kilda, Melbourne Australia

I wrote this when I was in Melbourne last November 3-10 🙂

Sunset in Melbourne

I’m currently in Melbourne for my training  and actually it’s been three days since I’ve been here. Most of the dining places around my area (St. Kilda, South Melbourne) are cafes so I don’t have the opportunity to really dine inside a cafe after work because they close at 3 or 4 pm.

Teriyaki Don in Banks St., Melbourne

Zaru Soba from Dondon (Melbourne, Australia)

Since I’ve arrived here in Melbourne, I have been eating Japanese food and frequenting Asian groceries for a while because that’s the easiest thing to find here. In fact, Asian influence is immense here – take that Tran Siu, for example, doing the fundrising dinners, etc.

Among Asian food places, the first Japanese cafe that I went to was in Don Don in Bank St. It’s near my hotel in St. Kilda Road. I took a left turn in Wells St. and then left at Dorcas St. I accidentally found this while I was just taking a stroll around yesterday. The first time I was there, I ordered Zaru Soba (cold buckwheat noodles). Theirs was like Zaru Soba Australian style because of the fresh vegetables and a slice of orange on it. I realized that it became a cold noodle salad. One order of their Zaru Soba is AUD$ 7.40 (around Php 280 +). Here in Australia, this is already cheap so I tried not to convert everything to Peso because it will always turn out to be expensive. Anyway, one order of this is big enough to make me full.

Sushi Land in Albert Road, Melbourne

Sushi Land in Albert Road, Melbourne

Another exciting Japanese restaurant/cafe I went to is Sushi Land. Based from its name, they specialize in sushis. I ordered California Roll and Salmon. Each sushi is around AUD $2.30 and above (around Php 100) and has a size of approximately 3 inches. They were delicious! I know it doesn’t taste like the ones I’ve tasted in Japan but it’s still good. Sushi Land is located along Albert Road.

It just feels weird that I am in Australia but I have been eating Japanese food most of the time. Well, Australia is a home to different cultures, so I think that’s fine.

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