Fiesta Kapampangan at Robinson’s Starmills

Sisig at Fiesta Kapampangan

Fiesta Kapampangan offers the best of Pampanga food and pasalubong. Fiesta Kapampangan is a food court inside Robinson’s Starmills with an area for al fresco dining. What’s great about Fiesta Kapampangan is you do not have to go too far to sample some of Pampanga’s best. 😉

Crispy Pata at Fiesta Kapampangan
Crispy Pata

I was able to experience the good food of Fiesta Kapampangan during the Robinson’s Starmills Shopping Tour. Of course, going to Pampanga will not be complete without a feast like this. 🙂

Chicharon at Fiesta Kapampangan

Some of the stalls there are Aling Lucing (try their sisig!), Kanan Kapampangan (really good Pancit Palabok), Cecilia’s (juicy Crispy Pata), and more. You’ll notice that most of the food we had aren’t good for people who are constantly avoiding cholesterol. 😀 Anyway, there are some foods there that are healthier.

Sizzling Tokwa't Baboy at Fiesta Kapampangan
Sizzling Tokwa’t Baboy

Sisig, Chicharon, Crispy Pata and Tokwa’t Baboy goes well with beer and it’s great that Fiesta Kapampangan serves one!

Pancit Palabok at Fiesta Kapampangan
Pancit Palabok

If you would like to take home food for pasalubong, you may buy it from the stalls there as well. Edelyn’s have homemade nuts (greaseless peanuts and cashew) that are great for pasalubong. If you’re going to buy sweets and pastries for your family or friends, you can try out Emy’s Sweets and Pastries.

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