Curious About the Rotating Barbeque at Toki Q

Outside Toki-Q

We like trying something unique so we agreed to the invitation of Toki Q to try their menu. Toki Q is a little barbeque place located in P.Guevarra corner Wilson Street in San Juan which uses a new technology called “rotating barbeque”. Yes, we got intrigued to this kind of technology, hence our curiosity led us to their turf. San Juan restaurants are comfort food for me and Toki Q has been added to my favorite comfort food places in San Juan.

Chicken Balls at Toki-Q

Their prices are very affordable and have different combos to choose from if you are dining alone or as a group. Prices range from PHP 99 (solo combos) to PHP 685 (for group platters).

They serve the following per stick:

  1. Chicken Ball – PHP 29
  2. Pork Ball – PHP 29
  3. Tontoro Pork (Pork Belly) – PHP 30
  4. Chicken Fillet – PHP 27
  5. Chicken Skin – PHP 26
  6. Chicken Fillet with Leeks – PHP 32
  7. Chicken Wings – PHP 45
  8. Tontoro Pork with Leeks – PHP 35
  9. Asparagus Wrapped Pork – PHP 28

Various BBQ at  at Toki-Q

We ordered one of each type of barbeque so that we can taste everything. At least we can already know which ones will be our favorites the next time. I personally liked the Tontoro Pork (Pork Belly) and Asparagus Wrapped Pork.

I became curious of the process of the rotating barbeque grill so I asked one of them how it works. I was told that they use oil (which is very good) because the meat itself (especially the pork) have natural oils. The machines were custom made from overseas and it’s currently not available locally.

Kara-age  at Toki-Q

Kara-age @ PHP 75

We also ordered their Kara-age (chicken), which is one of their specialties. I loved this one too. It’s addictive! I was trying to determine if they used the typical 5 spice powder that is usually available in supermarkets. They won’t disclose it to me. I was told that it’s composed of different spices 🙂

Toki BBQ Corn  at Toki-Q

Toki Bbq Corn @ PHP 48

I love nibbling corn on a cob hence we ordered the Toki Bbq Corn. The cobs were grilled and sprinkled with their secret spice powder. This is also my favorite.

Inside Toki-Q

Their menu is very simple right now which is great. I was told that they are still exploring the Yakitori type of barbeque (use of salt and pepper) but they are still perfecting it. I can’t wait until they have this in their menu!

Toki Q

Wilson Street Corner P. Guevarra St.
San Juan
(02) 425 9867

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