Cucina: An affordable way to eat Spanish-Filipino food

Cucina, as the name itself implies, is a Spanish word however we also have that term ( it’s spelled in Filipino as kusina) which means kitchen. Probably the branding is for us to know that their cuisine is a mixture of Spanish and Filipino. It is located at the Food Choices in Glorietta 4.

We decided to have the promo meals: 2 viands + rice. I chose eggplant seafood tortilla ( in other words, it’s tortang talong πŸ˜‰ with seafood filling) and lengua with mushroom sauce. The torta was half of the whole tortang talong. I can taste the seafood though I am just not sure what type of seafood was in it. It was ok, it was nothing really extraordinary about it. On the other hand, the lengua with mushroom sauce was also ok.

Overall rating of the food: hmm 3/5 stars. I could recommend this for people who would like to eat Spanish-Filipino food who are on the tight budget. Their promo meals are priced as Php 129.00 ( 2 viands+ rice) and Php 149.00 ( 2 viands+ rice+ drink). As for the proportion of the food,it was fulfilling πŸ™‚ .

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