Cheap Pasta at Ravioli

Tomato and Chorizo Ravioli at Ravioli

Ravioli is truly a treasure found in the food court of Robinson’s Galleria. Ravioli offers fresh, quality pasta at a relatively cheap price. And as the name suggests, we tried two of their raviolis in their menu items.

Ravioli offers a “merienda serving size” for those who just like a smaller serving of pasta starting from 45 pesos to 115 pesos. For their normal serving size, prices start from 75 pesos to 130 pesos.

Mushroom and Mozarella Ravioli

We tried the Mushroom and Mozzarella Ravioli and the Tomato and Chorizo Ravioli. All of their raviolis cost range from 115 pesos to 130 pesos per order. The raviolis that we tried costs at 130 pesos each. 🙂

Amongst the raviolis we tried, my favorite would be the Tomato and Chorizo Ravioli. This particular ravioli has a generous filling of ground chorizo.

If ever you’ll go to Robinson’s Galleria, you should try Ravioli. 🙂

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