Borek for Quick Lunch in Melbourne

Burek at the Queen Victoria Market
Burek at the Queen Victoria Market @ AUD $2.00 – 2.50 (around Php 83 +)  per piece

While I was at the Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne, I had this for lunch. I wasn’t really that hungry and this is the easiest thing to eat there.

Borek or Burek is a Turkish pastry made of phyllo which has a basic filling of cheese combined with either meat or minced vegetables. I chose cheese and spinach because I love spinach. It’s the same texture as baklava, it’s flaky but it’s not sweet. I suddenly remembered the Turkish Doner I had here in Manila.

Probably you’re wondering why there’s a Turkish delicacy in Australia. Well, Australia is a multi-cultural city and most of the immigrants there bring their culture in Australia too. Aside from Turkish delicacies, there are also lots of Indian and Japanese restaurants around. I think I mostly ate Japanese food while I was there. đŸ™‚

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