Batac Miki and Empanada – Two Street Foods You Dare Not Miss

Empanada and Miki at Batac, Ilocos Norte

Before we went to Paoay, we had a little stop over in Batac because of the Miki and Empanada. They are part of our culinary bucket list which we will not dare miss.

Empanada vendors are convened in this place called “Empanadahan”. You will not miss this because this is just opposite the Marcos Museum and beside Batac Church. Once you’re inside the Empanadahan, you will see a lot of Empanada vendors. Now what to choose? At first we didn’t know what to choose so we chose whatever we felt like choosing. Then we realized after “checking in” to Foursquare, a tip was left there which mentions that Glory’s was the best Empanada. So we did buy another Empanada, this time Glory’s, and we tasted the difference. Glory’s is tastier compared to the first one we bought. I guess it’s because their Empanada is stuffed with more longganisa.


Batac Empanadahan


Empanada at Batac, Ilocos Norte

Now don’t get confused between the Batac empanada and the ones in Vigan. Batac’s is orange in color and uses 1 whole egg, Laoag longganisa (which is saltier), papaya and beansprouts. On the other hand, Vigan empanada is lighter in color and only has the egg yolk, Vigan longganisa and sliced cabbage. I prefer the Batac empanada because it’s more stuffed with filling. 🙂 By the way, this is one cheap snack, for only PHP 35!

Miki at Batac, Ilocos Norte

Ok now here’s another Batac favorite, the Miki. This noodle soup will definitely satisfy you with its savory taste. It’s the “chicken noodle soup” version of Ilocanos. The soup is medium-thick and aside from the thick white miki noodles (or egg noodles) , it also has some pork cracklings and hard boiled egg for added texture. This is somewhat like the Lomi but Miki is red in color. The reason for the red orange color is because of the annato (or atsuete) seeds.

Cost of one bowl of Miki is PHP 25.

Jannete's Miki in Batac

Miki food stalls are just opposite the Empanadahan so it’s not very difficult to find it. So when you are in Batac, do not leave the place without tasting these two popular street foods.

How to go to Batac, Ilocos Norte:

When you are coming from Laoag, you can ride the Loaog – Batac jeepney from the terminal. The tricycle driver knows that so no need to worry. Fare is PHP 25, one way. The driver will drop you off in Julie’s bakeshop in Batac, this is the nearest landmark going to the Marcos Museum. When you are already in Marcos Museum, you will already see the Empanadahan and the Miki food stalls.

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