Yogurbud’s Yogurt Smoothies

Banana Yoghurt Smootie in Yogurbud
Banana Yogurt Smoothie

Will Yogurbud be your buddy to a healthier lifestyle? Yogurbud’s selections are: Frozen Yogurt, Creamy Yogurt, Yogurt Smoothies and Coffee. Aside from these, they also have yogurt-based products such as puddings, breads, salads and ice cream. Since we just wanted a cool and refreshing drink, we ordered for a Banana Yogurt Smoothie.

Each yogurt smoothie is topped with frozen yogurt and is made of fresh fruits. We enjoyed drinking the Banana Yogurt Smoothie since it’s not too sweet.


The branch that we visited is the one in SM Megamall which is not as big as the one in Tomas Morato since this one is more like of a kiosk with a few tables and chairs.

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