White Berry Yogurt

After the Pride March, we were looking for an ATM in Malate and we passed by Bellagio Square towards Robinson’s Midtown. We saw this yoghurt place called White Berry and of course, tickled our sweet (or is it yoghurt?) tooth 😉 . We just had dinner then in Casa Armas with some bloggers such as Juned, Sire, Manolo, AJ and many more so we decided to have dessert.

We ordered a large cup with fresh strawberries and mochi. The good thing about their yogurt ice cream is that it’s not too sour and it’s not too sweet. The taste is just right. Their store has just recently opened (last September 2008) so they still have few toppings to choose from. They also have a strawberry yogurt ice cream; haven’t tried that yet but will try when I get the chance to be around that area again. As for the price, it is at par with the other yogurt ice cream shops we’ve been before so I think it’s ok.

Here’s the price list:

Plain Yogurt regular/ large: Php 85/ Php 130
Strawberry Yogurt regular/ large: Php 105 / Php 150
Toppings (1)= Php 15
Toppings (2) = Php 25
Toppings (3) = Php 30

In addition, the store itself would be a great haven for internet addicts since they offer free wifi.

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