The Sisters and Tongson’s – Ilocos Royal Bibingka Face Off

The Sisters and Tongson Royal Bibingka

After many years, I was in Ilocos once again. One of the must-eats that I wasn’t able to try when I was in Ilocos Sur in 2005 was the Tongson’s  Royal Bibingka. Back then, I was only able to taste Marsha’s and readers were commenting that I should try Tongson’s. Locals in Ilocos Sur were also recommending The Sisters so I am also writing about The Sisters just for comparison.

For this blog post, I will do a Royal Bibingka face off of the 2 brands that I haven’t tried before.

Tongson Royal Bibingka

Tongson’s Royal Bibingka

There is only 1 place where you can buy Tongson’s Royal Bibingka and this is in Crisologo Street near Plaza Burgos and beside Vigan Plaza Hotel. Tongson’s was the first in the Royal Bibingka industry and is already an “institution”. Not sure if they have another store (someone told me they have another one) but I wasn’t sure where.

I experienced love at first bite to moment my tongue felt Tongson’s Royal Bibingka. Oh, it was heavenly! I was trying to control myself in finishing the entire box of 6. The bibingka that we bought were freshly made.

Outside Tongson's Royal Bibingka

Tongson’s store

The Sisters Royal Bibingka

The Sisters Royal Bibingka

On the other hand, we tried The Sisters Royal Bibingka because of the calesa driver said that he liked The Sisters and so we also became curious of it. There are only 2 stores both along the highway in Bantay, Ilocos Sur. The verdict, hmm, I didn’t really liked The Sisters because it lacked flavor. I would still prefer either Marsha’s or Tongson’s.

FYI, you can only buy Royal Bibingka when you are in Ilocos Sur specifically in Vigan and Bantay. Well, they’re just both neighboring towns so it’s not that hard to see. These bibingkas range from PHP 105 – 120 per box and is a great pasalubong for your loved ones.

How about you, what’s your favorite brand of Royal Bibingka?

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