Summer Recommendation 1: Ice Monster

Strawberry Ice Monster

It’s already summer. The scorching heat instantly reminded me of the movie Temptation Island. The scene in particular is a giant scoop of ice cream on a cone found in the middle of a deserted island which is actually a hallucination. Anyway, I think I’ve had enough of ice cream. How about having something fruity and a taste of 400 BC?

Ice Monster has been in this particular niche fast food industry since 2003. I must say that it was really a good concept. I’m not sure though if the concept of Ice Monster is based on the history of ice cream particularly the one in Persia where ice was mixed with saffron, fruits and other flavors [source].

I had my Ice Monster fix last March in their Greenhills branch and it was indeed a satisfying one. The strawberries were fresh while the crushed ice simply melted in my mouth. 😀

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