Sugar Rush

Whenever I finish a full meal, I would always like to have something sweet. I don’t remember liking sweets as a child although my family would assume that I actually liked them (probably because I’m already robust as a kid). Most dishes that I eat as a child were full meals and desserts weren’t really something that would make my eyes sparkle with joy.

The dessert that I first fell in love with were cookies. I actually tried to make some being an adolescent. I remember my dad enrolled me for summer cooking lessons on baking. One of the favorite cookies that I baked then were oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I just loved the chewiness of the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies felt in my mouth. How I wish I would still have time to bake cookies now when I am so preoccupied with work 😉 .

Another favorite type of dessert of mine are cakes. I know that it’s really hard to bake a cake and I envy the individuals who can actually bake one. That is why I just rely on some of my favorite bakeshops here in Manila such as Chocolate Kiss and Classic Confections for my cake cravings.

Now as I write this blogpost, I am actually craving for sweets. I hope I can find one downstairs 😉 ..

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