Some Bacolod Pasalubong Treats

Napoleones at Virgie's
Virgie’s Napoleones

My father has been to Bacolod several times. And every time he comes back to Manila, I’d expect him to be back with several packs of Piaya from BongBong’s which most people buy as a “pasalubong”. If you would like something different, we suggest boxes of Napoleones from Virgie’s.

Napoleones is quite similar to the Greek dessert called Baklava because it’s like a phyllo pastry however, Napoleones doesn’t have pistachios, cinnamon, honey and walnuts. It’s like the simplified Baklava – topped with sugar icing and filled with their luscious custard cream. One box of Napoleones consists of 12 pieces. I suggest that you order at least one day before you intend to pick it up at their store in San Sebastian Street. Just call +63(34) 434-1788 or +63(34) 434-1588. Their store opens at 8 am and closes at 5 pm.  You can also order from the Negros Showroom, a famous pasalubong place in Bacolod City, however they will charge extra. Other places you can get Napoleones in Bacolod are Pendy’s and Roli’s.

Molten chocolate cake at Calea's
Cakes from Calea

Another “pasalubong” suggestion are cakes from Calea. Calea is a well-known dessert place in Bacolod City. Their biggest branch is located right across L’fisher Hotel, at Balay Quince. Their cheesecakes are a must-try and as their molten chocolate cake.

Guapple Pie at El Ideal
Guapple Pie from El Ideal

El Ideal is not in Bacolod City. However, you might as well drop by in Silay City so you can bring home with you El Ideal’s Guapple Pie or Angel Cookies as a “pasalubong”. Guapple pie is made from a bigger variety of guava. Trivia: Angel Cookies are called such because it’s made from communion hosts. 😀 Aside from Angel Cookies and Guapple Pie, El Ideal has a lot of pasalubong treats. You may even buy there some “Puto Manapla” which we did since we do not have the time to go to Manapla last November.

These are just some of the sweet treats from Bacolod that you can bring home to your loved ones. Do you have other favorites that are not part of this list? 🙂

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