Selecta Ice Cream by Top Chefs

Selecta Hazelnut Brownie
Selecta Hazelnut Brownie

At times, it is still hot despite that lately, we’ve been experiencing a couple of rains and thunderstorms. And also sometimes, you would just want to chill out at your own home. Of course, the craving for an ice cream or anything cold will haunt you amidst the heat. What a better way to indulge yourself and forget your diet is having the Selecta Ice Cream experience designed by top chefs Rolando Laudico, Sau del Rosario and J. Gamboa.

Chocolate Truffles by Rolando Laudico

Selecta Chocolate Truffles

The Chocolate Truffles by Chef Laudico is truly a treat for chocolate lovers. Expect belgian chocolate goodness from it with real chocolate chunks. 😀

Hazelnut Brownie by Sau del Rosario

The Hazelnut Brownie is our personal favorite. It reminds us of Double Chocolate Fudgy Brownie at Friday’s. I just love the brownie chunks on the ice cream. 🙂

Berry Strawberry by J. Gamboa

Selecta Berry Strawberry

For the fruit lovers, Berry Strawberry by J. Gamboa may satisfy their strawberry and ice cream craving. 🙂 It has slices of real strawberry.

Thanks to Selecta and Stratworks for the ice cream samplers. 😉

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