Red Mango in Trinoma

Red Mango Green Tea Yogurt

It was Friday last week when we first tried Red Mango in Trinoma. Red Mango is just one of the frozen yogurt chains that sprouted all over Manila. Red Mango originated from South Korea and has been successful in its expansion to other countries such as USA, Thailand, Singapore and South Africa aside from the Philippines.

Red Mango is the first retailer to receive the National Yogurt Association’s Live and Active Culture Seal which is indeed a big plus points for them for the health buffs. In addition, their yogurt has only 90 calories per serving. 😉

Serving Size Options

Red Mango tub sizes

Their smallest serving is 4 oz. which costs 80 pesos for the plain yogurt and 85 pesos for the green tea yogurt. The medium size is 6 oz and it costs 115 pesos for the plain variant and with a 5-peso difference for the green tea version. For the large size (8 oz.) plain yogurt costs 150 pesos while the green tea yogurt costs 155 pesos. The largest size is the Family size which is 220 pesos for the plain yogurt and 225 pesos for the green tea yogurt. You also have the option to choose a yogurt topped with shaved ice (available for plain yogurt only) including the three toppings of your choice at 125 pesos.

Toppings for your Yogurt

You can have up to three toppings for your yogurt. One topping will cost you 20 bucks. For two toppings, it will cost you 30 bucks and lastly, three toppings will cost you an additional 40 bucks. Their toppings consist of ripe mangoes, blackberry, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, banana, pineapple, coconut, cocoa pebbles, fruity pebbles, almonds, granold, crushed graham crackers, cranberries, dark chocolate and Cap’n Crunch. Please take note that some of the toppings listed here may not be availeble in the store or some may not be included here since this listing of toppings is from Red Mango USA.

On our first time there, we get to experience the goodness of green tea yogurt topped with blueberries and crushed grahams as suggested by the server there. It was suggested to us because it was a popular choice for toppings.

Combination of Plain Yogurt and Green Tea Yogurt at Red Mango

On our second visit, this time with Marc and Gail of, we tried the ones served in a bowl. 😀 We treated ourself well enough with a combination of green tea yogurt and a plain yogurt plus three toppings (watermelon. almonds and ripe mangoes). Amongst the yogurt places we visited, this one is included in our favorite yogurt places. 😀

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